Pastor Francis Waweru

DOWM Director

    My name is pastor Francis Muigai Waweru. I was born in 1977. I am married to Elizabeth Wambui. We are blessed with three children, Lewis Waweru, Getrude Waithira and Tasha Njeri. We reside at Kijabe, Kenya.

    In the year 1998, God called us into the pastoral ministry leading me to join Vision International University from year 2000 to 20004 to pursue the degree of Bachelor of Theological studies, thereafter joined St. Paul University Limuru Kenya to pursue Diploma in community Development.
    In 2009, God called me together with my wife to serve First Baptist Church of Kenya, Naivasha as a volunteer pastor. While serving at this church which is in very interior, God kept on calling us to serve the orphans and the needy widows. In 2011, God convinced us that we must answer this call. We started knocking doors, seeking for food to feed the orphans and needy widows. It has not been easy for us for we are still working as volunteer pastor up to date without any end month salary and still struggling to keep our children at school and get our daily bread. We are fully convinced that we must give ourselves to the orphans and the needy people in full time basis.
      Keep on praying with us that God may provide for these orphans and widows and also that He may provide for my dear family as we give ourselves to this ministry on a full time basis. Even though this ministry is very challenging and heart breaking, we are humbled by this divine call. We are just vessels in God's hand. God whispered to us to name this ministry Dorcas Orphans & Widows Ministry (DOWM). You remember Dorcas in the Book of Acts 9:36 gave herself fully to the needy.

"He who has a generous eye shall be blessed,

for he giveth his bread to the poor" Proverb 22:9

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