Location Of The Christian Resource & Training Center


Maai Mahiu

The Word Of Truth Christian Resource & Training Center is located in Maai Mahiu, a settlement in Kenya's Rift Valley Province.  The word Maai Mahiu means "hot water" in the native Kikuyu language. Maai Mahiu strategically located on the major highway from Uganda through Kenya. This major highway makes this a prime location for the center, with easy access for those traveling from different areas.


The WOT Christian Resource & Training Center includes a large upstairs library/resource room with books and computers for research. This is an area where pastors meet one week each month for pastors' training. When the training is not going on pastors' can use this room to find study materials and helps for creating their sermons.There are classrooms located in the lower level of the center for individual groups including Children's Reading Room, Teens Outreach Room, Women's Center and Family Living Room. We plan to have special training going on at different times throughout the month in each of these specific classrooms as we reach out to the community.




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