Mary Wanjiku, 97, is a farmer by trade. Mary enjoys cooking maize and beans. Mary said it is hard to explain how she feels about having a sponsor. But, she did say, “I am encouraged by the thought of their prayers. I will receive encouragement in my life to never give up and I will receive food and clothing.” Mary takes care of eight orphans in her home. She says  she trusts that  “God will provide.”


If you are interested in sponsoring Mary please fill out the form below. In the subject line write Widow Sponsorship. In the message box write Mary Wanjiku. Push the send button. A message will be sent to your email address with detailed instructions for becoming Mary's  sponsor.

The first week of January, 2019, Mary had to have her leg amputated. There was a $900 charge for the surgery of which her medical insurance paid $400. She has been left with $500 needing to be paid within a month. If you would like to help with this expense follow the same instructions and write Mary's Medical Expense in the message. We will contact you shortly.

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