Your monthly gift of $35 for Julia Waithira will go totally to her education, food, clothing and medical expenses. As you exchange letters, send photos and offer encouragement in Jesus' name, your love will bring hope to this young woman that will last a lifetime.


Many older street orphans are on the brink of despair. They are being pulled in the direction of crime, drugs and prostitution to earn money, find food and maybe a place to lay their heads at night. Your sponsorship may be what helps to steer these older orphans from choosing a dangerous and deadly lifestyle.

  • Birthday: June 2nd, 2001

  • Favorite color: Red and Blue

  • Favorite activity: Reading

  • Dream job: Be a nurse

  • Favorite food: Rice


Julia is in form 3 in Kimende High School. She is living with her mother Christine who is one of the widows in the DOWM Ministry.  

Hello, my name is Julia Waithira

I am 18  years old

We are happy to announce that Julia has a monthly sponsor. However you are welcome to make one time donations to help her too if you would like. 

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