Mission Trips With PIEI

Word Of Truth - Kenya


Our PIEI Mission Trips to Kenya include works in the areas of:

Education: Theological & Bible (At the WOT Pastors' Resource & Training Center)

Evangelism: Friendship & Lifestyle (Within the community of Maai Mahiu and with WOT

Committee & Staff members and their families)

Building & Service Projects. Partnering with DOWM Ministry (Doecas Orphans & Widows Ministry). 

Building houses for the widows & Orphans. Building farm shelters, Gardening & Farming God's Way.

Delivering Love Boxes of food to orphans & widows.

Our team is committed to helping people grow closer to Christ through a life-changing, two-week mission trip where teams have the opportunity to work on challenging construction projects and come alongside inspiring people and meeting the true needs of the community.


Each project is picked with an unwavering commitment to partnering with and empowering those involved with the Word of Truth Pastors' Resource & Training Center. These projects are a part of a much larger vision of transformation producing real, sustainable change within a community. We work on these projects throughout the year, so short term mission teams know that what they hae helped to begin will continue after they return home.

Your group will be able to bond not only with each other, but with the people you serve. Teams are immersed into the culture and life of a community, meeting people who help them see God from a completely new perspective. Their faith will be confronted and their eyes will be opened as they watch God move in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Interactive messages, creative ways of teaching, and powerful worship music encourages team members to dig deeper and take the next step in their faith. In the process, they create unforgettable memories and friendships while worshiping and growing together in God’s name.

Returning home short-term team members will passionately and eagerly search for ways to continue their experience: investing in their home community and sharing the love of Christ with the people around them.


If you, your church or group would like to form a team or be part of a team to travel to Maai Mahiu, Kenya, please contact us.

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