Word Of Truth Christian Resource & Training Center     One Year Pastors Training Program

Vision: Equipping the Equippers

Mission: Equip pastors in the Word of God and in the work of ministry focusing on those pastors serving in churches with no formal education, with limited financial means and/or limited education

Values: Biblically based; Theological & moral integrity; Servant leadership; Accountability, Kingdom Multiplication; Self-sustainability; Non-discriminatory regarding race, color, nationality or ethnicity

Our Goals
1. Provide quality education for pastors who cannot afford to attend and/or cannot meet the educational 

              qualifications of a university or other Bible school programs.


          2. Educate pastors over a one year period by means of two - one week sessions per month and practical in-                      service "assignments to go".


          3. Provide basic health education and promotional techniques for pastors to share in their communities.

          4. Raise financial support for the land and construction of a dormitory for students traveling from great distances                to stay in during their training at the center. Also to construct a WOT Guesthouse for our mission teams to                      stay in when they come to minister with WOT. A large kitchen/dining area will also be a aprt of future                              construction.


          5. Facilitate the self-sustainability and total indigenous management of the training center within the first seven

              years of operation.

Our School Format Will Consist Of A One-Year Course Cycle


          • Offering on-site, 16 Weeks of Commitment & Transformation in one year.

         • Requiring in-service "take-home" assignments to be completed between each session with reporting due at  

            following session.

         • Providing Interim mentorship by school staff.

         • Equipping pastors with additional life-skills courses and experiences such as Microfinance, Health & Hygiene,

           HIV/AIDS Education, Experimental Farming, Alternative Energy Sources. These additional skills classes will be

           provided through 1-2 day workshops during the one year course cycle through volunteer Teachers and Pastors.


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