Praise the Lord! God is good . . . all the time!


So many answered prayers that we are thanking God for at this time. Thank you for being our partners and prayer warriors in this ministry.


Praise God for:

New students for Class of 2018

9 students continuing evening classes. They began in 2017 and will complete their studies in April 2018. These students will graduate with the class of 2018.

People from the community continuing to take computer and Keyboard classes at the center.


Please Pray for:

Auto parts and repairs needed on Pastor Joseph's vehicle.

Pastor John Ondialah as he begins his final semester of college classes. He has a very busy schedule for the year as he furthers his education, teaches at WOT and pastors a church. He is also hosting a men's mentoring program on Sunday afternoons at the WOT Center.

BTCP Teacher Training Workshop at the center on January 24th to 26th. Fifteen teachers are planning to attend. 

New WOT Centers to open with the teachers/pastors receiving the BTCP training as staff in those WOT Centers.

Open doors for new WOT Centers to open in other locations.

Please pray for the Word of Truth Christian Resource and Training Center to be a beacon of light in and around the community of Maai Mahiu.

Mission Teams in the US organizing to come to WOT in November 2018 & March 2019.

WOT Prayer Requests & Praise Notes



January 15 - 18           Methods/Interpretation

Bible Study


January 24 - 26

BTCP Teacher Training Workshop

February 5-9        

Old Testament Survey


Feb. 26 - March 2

Old Testament Survey

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