Ruth Mwihaki is 33 years old. She is mother of six children.She is taking care of two other orphans who were left with her by her sister. Ruth is a farmer by trade. She earns her living through working on other peoples gardens three days each week. Ruth's goal is to attend a vocational school to learn tailoring and knitting. She loves cooking, especially chapatti. Ruth's favorite colors are blues.


“To have a sponsor is a blessing from God,” she said. “Having a sponsor will help provide me food, clothing and shoes.” Your sponsorship will also help to provide water and medical insurance for Ruth and her children.

If you would like to help Ruth please fill out the form below. In the subject line write Widow Sponsorship. In the message box write Ruth Mwihaki.

Push the send button. A message will be sent to your email address with detailed instructions for becoming Ruth's sponsor.

We are excited and happy to say that Ruth has a sponsor. You are welcome to send to Ruth occassionally if you would like.

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