Word Of Truth - Kenya

Teaching Staff

WOT Director

Pst Joseph Gitau Wainaina

Full Time Teacher

Pst John Ondialah


Pst John Muya Njehia


Pst Moses Kiragu Ngatia


Pst Nicholus Lekorere

Pastor Teachers On Staff At WOT

Word of Truth has a highly qualified teaching staff. Each of our teachers have had several years of Biblical training in highly recommended colleges. Four of the teaching staff are alumni of Moffat Bible College. Pr. Muya holds a Diploma in Bible & Theology and is also a graduate of WOT. Pr. John Ondialah, Pr. Moses Ngatia & Pr. Nicholas Lekorere  each hold Bachelor degrees from Africa International University in Nairobi. Each of our teachers are well trained in teaching skills. They know the Scriptures and are very capable of showing forth God's Word to our students in a way that makes it easy for them to understand and to be able to share what they have learned with others.

Three of our teachers are volunteering their services to the WOT Center. Your sponsorship can provide a monthly salary for these volunteer teachers. Your support in this way wold be greatly appreciated.

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