What Are Scholarships Used For?
100% of the pastor scholarship donations go towards providing quality training for pastors who are attending the one year Pastor Training Program. Our pastor/students are in the program for one year of training. Scholarships are needed for each pastor as the training at the Word of Truth Christian Resource and Training Center is offered free to those committing to the one year of training. Monetary gifts will be used for purchasing notebooks, paper, pens, ink for printers, books as needed, and one meal per day for each pastor. Funds are also used for the computer lab, in providing online services for research and studies. Scholarships are used to pay the wonderful teaching staff we have at the center.

Pastor scholarships are one of the encouraging benefits of Word of Truth. It is exciting for our pastors to realize they have friends and family abroad who recognize their needs in a deep and meaningful way. Knowing that you are praying for them personally means so much to these servants of the Lord. Knowing that your scholarship is paying for their training means so much to each pastor in training and to the staff.

Please visit our Pastors in Training page to see who the Pastor/Church Leaders are and what they are doing in their training.

Suggested Scholarship Fees For A Pastor
•    $30/month
•    $360 one time yearly donation

Note: These are suggested amounts and can vary according to your personal budget. Any amount is appreciated.


Sponsorships are tax-deductible and can be made by check or online.

Check Donations
If you would like to make your scholarship donation via check, please make checks payable

to PIEI with Acct #20600/Scholarship written in the memo.


Send to:

Partners in Evangelism International •  5518 W. Diversey Ave. • Chicago, IL 60639

Online Donations
If you would like to make your scholarship donation online, please click on the following link.
Pastors' Scholarship

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