Why A Pastors'

Resource & Training Center?


WOT Mission: Equip pastors in the Word of God and in the work of ministry focusing on those pastors' with limited financial means and/or limited education.

There are multitudes of untrained pastors in Kenya who pastor their churches based on the information that they have. Unfortunately, that information is very limited. Many a Kenyan who has just come to know the Lord Jesus Christ finds himself pastoring a church of equally new believers. These pastors have no resources to help them grow in the faith, nor are there resources available to train them how to effectively shepherd the flock. For the majority of these pastors there are no books, no training manuals, no tapes, no videos, no Bible study courses and no trained trainer. There are no resources of any kind available to them. The pastor may have a Bible, but often his copy is incomplete. Although there are several seminaries in Kenya, most pastors could never afford to attend, nor would they ever be admitted because of inadequate education.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Because of this, a pastor does the only thing he knows. He imitates the message and the preaching style of the person who led him to the Lord. Or he might study the message and mannerisms of other itinerant preachers who may happen to pass through his village. If he lives in or near the very few urban areas of Kenya, the pastor might have access to television and he can learn from the various televangelists, most of whom are importing America's worst examples and worst doctrines.

It has been said of African nations that their Christian faith is a mile wide and an inch deep. Although there is a widespread passion for the Lord in Kenya, the depth of understanding the faith is marginal at best. As Paul says in Romans 10:2, "They have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge." Evangelism is rampant, but discipleship is practically non-existent.

Evangelism is a top priority in Kenyan churches and it is done with great passion. However, without proper teaching and training, new Christian Pastors soon become ineffective in their calling. Biblical knowledge and understanding is lacking. Without proper training the role of a pastor and the proper functioning of the church are unclear. Mission outreach is flawed as it recycles the same shortcomings over and over. Today what we are seeing in Kenya is a crisis of lack of knowledge that spreads through every part of the Christian church. If left unattended, this cycle will destroy the church (Hosea 4:6). People will get saved (praise God), but without proper discipleship, personal Christian living will be shallow and fruitless and the purpose of the church will not be accomplished.

A pastor not only needs to know the Word of God, but he also needs to properly understand the role of pastor. He needs to understand how God has designed the church to function so that every member of the body of Christ is being enabled to do the work of ministry.


We at Word of Truth are passionate about effectively equipping pastors in their personal walk with Christ and in their roles as pastors. Our goal is to encourage the pastor's existing zeal adding knowledge that transforms and seeks to equip others.


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