Our greatest desire for our DOWM widows is to bring them from dependency to dignity. To help them to become a productive part of their community. These widows have so much to give. It may not be monetary, but their talents are limitless. Cooking, caring for the orphans, teachers, nurses, encouragers.


These widows are capable of learning skills that will enable them to become financially independent and an asset to their churches and community.

DOWM sponsors help the widows to learn:

                        •  Farming God's Way

                        •  Bee Keeping/Honey Harvesting


                        •  Chickens/eggs

                        •  Rabbits/meat

                        •  Goats/milk & meat

                        •  Cows/milk

                        •  Sewing

                        •  Cooking

                        •  Crocheting

Rebecca, one of the widows in DOWM ministry expressed her gratitude to PIEI-WOT-DOWM as she received potatoes, cabbages and maize flour.

"I will carry it as other women do as they do their shopping. I haven't carried like this for the last three years for I haven't touched two dollars, enough maybe to take me to the market " she declared.

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